Strange error in tquery complaining about the Printer!!!

Well, here's one for the record book.....

I have a project that uses Interbase.  It runs great in Delphi v1.

However, in V2, something crazy happens.  I have a table named "vendors"
with 17k+ rows.  I enter a form that calls a tquery component to look for
specific data.  It runs for a few seconds, then gives the following error

   Project Nova.exe raised ExceptionClass EDBEngineError with message
   "General SQL error.  I/O error for file "C:\Windows\Temp/iba70955"
   while trying to write to file.  The printer is out of paper.  Sort
   error.  Process stopped.  Use step or run to continue.

Somehow does it really think I'm trying to do a select on the paper in the
paper feed of my laser??? <grin>

Anyone have a clue on this one???  The select is:

  'Select Distinct sort_key Sortkey, Vendor_name Name, vendor_id ID,
record_status Status from vendors order by 1,2'

Please email me directly if you can help me out!



Dave Krajcar, Alternative Solutions