Restructure Table at runtime using Delphi/BDE

<> wrote:
>I have been trying to restructure a table once created using
>DbiDoRestructure without success. I have seen examples using
>Pack, changing fldZString size/data conversion (ie autoinc
>to long). What I am having trouble with is moving field types
>to another column (eg. if original fields are AccList (A20),
>AccType (A20), Description (A20), and SeqNo (L); I would get
>an error with DbiDoRestructure when I move the SeqNo to the
>3rd column). Can anyone HELP???

Only way I know how to restructure tables is by SQL
"modify table ...." check local sql online help

changing properties like more complicated.
Use TBatchMove
1.copy old table (temporary table)
2.create new table ( with new field type)
3.copy data with tbatchmove from temporary table to orginal table
4.Delete temporary table