Release LFN v1.08 - Long filename unit for Win9x and TP6 up to BP7

Hello everybody.

It's time to release the next version of my LFN-unit. If you hear this
time first from this unit and if you are interested on it than you
should go on and download
LFN108.ZIP which has this unit in it that support this features:

- Support of long filenames under Win9x for TP6, TP/BP7 and compatible
- After integrate this unit all default-pascal-routines has the
  ability to work with long filenames.
- It's NOT necessary to rewrite an existing program!
- All routines detect automatically if they are supported and  
  are disabled by itself if not.
- Changing long filenames in short also avaible under pur DOS.
- Over 4100 lines full (in german) documented pascal-source.
- Documentation and interface-part avaible in german and english.
- Can be used for Real-, Dpmi- and Windows-programs.
- Hooks also into unit Dos and/or unit WinDos.

I wish you a lot of fun working with my unit.

By, Andreas.