Delphi 1.0 DDE OpenLink doesn't work?


I've written similar codes and discovered that if you include the two
lines of
code in your application, you should get it up and running in no time:

             DdeClientConv1.ConnectMode := ddeAutomatic;
             DdeClientConv1.ServiceApplication :=

I presume that in your previous attempts, your connection mode is
During runtime, you invoke openlink() function to establish a DDE
link.  The
bad new is that openlink() does not work correctly in Delphi 1.0.
I recomend that you use ddeAutomatic connection mode.


Does anyone know more about OpenLink not working?  I use OpenLink
because I prompt the user for the DDE server app location if the first
OpenLink fails.  However, I'm having problems with updates to the DDE
client item.  Sometimes it works correctly, sometimes it doesn't work,
and sometimes it's out of sync with the DDE server item.

I think I've seen more messages about bugs in the DDE components.  Has
Borland fixed them?  Do they intend to?