TTable Components and SQL 7.0 Locking

Does anyone know how to make my read-only tables (which I have several of on
my data module) not cause row and page locks on the table.

I have discovered that if I place a table component on the form, set the
read-only property to TRUE and open the dataset, that other runtime UPDATE
queries will be blocked.  I looked at the sp_locks and it appears that SQL
has put lots of page and record lock on that table.  I was under the
impression that a read-only table would not cause problems like this.

The only way have have found to get around this is to replace the TTable
components with TQuery components and use the NOLOCK hit in the SELECT
statement.  This works but would require lots of code changes.

Does anyone know about this problem and what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help...