If people can help me with a couple of problems I am having - I would be
extremely grateful. I will try and outline what I am doing and then explain
my difficluties.

I am developing an interface to a 'bank' of files that are mainly Excel
workbooks or Word documents. The idea is that the user can browse through
these documents and they are displayed in an ole container. I have four OLE
Containers on the screen and the program displays the document or sheet or
chart they choose.

The two main problems I am having are as follows:

1. I can select a particular sheet by using the
Variant:=XL.Sheets;   {XL=OleVariant}
code. How do I assign it to the OLE Container though.
I've tried using
Is that right? It seems to work but when I go to load another sheet from the
same workbook it changes the last OleContainers sheet to the new chosen
sheet. Where as I want to display a different sheet in the four
OLEConatiners, but from the same workbook.

2 Another problem is that when I click on the OleContainer the program
crashes out with "Unspecified Error".

Sorry I have made it a long post!  I would be extremely grateful if someone
could help me.

Thank you,

Mark.   m...@mwnet.demon.co.uk