SQLTable does not show list of tables

Hi all

Firstly, thanks for all the replies to the thread "Connecting to mySQL
database using dbExpress - problems ". This really helped me out. But
now comes stage 3 of my problems. I have successfully connected to the
MySQL server, and executed a query using a TSQLQuery component. However,
when I drop a TSQLTable component, I don't see a list of table names,
and even if I type in a valid table name I get an error -
"Table/Procedure not found" (And I have specified the SQLConnection
Also, I have tried using a TSQLClientDataSet component. I set the
DBconnection and commandtext parameters (this also does not show
tables). I filled in a simple "select * from ..." query in the
commandtext parameter and left CommandType to ctQuery. When activating
this I get a "Unable to execute Query".

Any ideas?? It's driving me mad enough to go back to using ADO and MS
Access, it's that bad!

Thanks in advance
F. Basser

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