ReportSmith Question - Sorting Data


OK, all condolences aside, I am using ReportSmith 3.0 to do a simple list
report. But I want to be able to print the report sorted by a given field.
I know how to make ReportSmith do this manually. I can also make it do
it programmatically by calling the following:

        'Dim ds as Dataset || ds.SetFromActive || ds.AddSort .... || ReCalc' );

This works find EXCEPT it happens after the report is loaded, so it essentially
RESORTS from whatever it was when it was loaded.

What I want is to LOAD it and sort it the first time the way I want it.
I thought the right way to do this would be to pass a report variable and
run a macro within the report would call ds.SetFromLoading, but this call
can only be made in the Before Report Load event, which occurs before report
variables are set.

Can anyone help me determine how to get the sort set the way I want the first
time, at load, programmatically from Delphi?


// Mark Bratcher