Dataset refuses to go into insert mode

've got another weird one, delphi 2.0 through BDE into
a Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5.
I go:

...and at this point I get "Dataset not in insert or edit-mode".
The weird thing is that this is a "come-and-go"-error. About 60%
of my users have reported this problem now, while the others haven't,
and I am not able to reproduce it myself. Still it seems like it follows
the database - my boss copied the database to his PC and got the error.
So there goes any idea of limitations in BDE with file handles or whatever.
What kind of error would follow the database that would deny delphi to
put a TTable into insert mode? I got no error from the database itself,
so it doesn't look like a Sybase problem.

Anyone seen anything like it? I need help.

Morten Steinvik

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