Using DataModule in MDI environment ???????


I'm using Delphi's C/S -version in an MDI-app and I'd like to make my DataModules
working as an instance (as my forms too) so that the database record-pointers are in
sync only in the active form.

eg. When I open two instances of the same form and the form's database-components
datasources are in the same DataModule, the rowchance in one Form's DBGrid is showing
also in the other Form's DBGrid (both Form's DBGrid's are sharing the same

Yes, I could copy all the datasources/TTable/TQuery -components to the form, but isn't
that a silly way to use datamodules???

If I create the datamodules as instances before I create the MDI-Child Forms and have
the Form's DBGrid's datasources point to the just created datamodules datasources, I
assume that I'd have a better MDI database-app.

But, I haven't figured that yet that how I could do that?

Has anyone used that kind of solution or is there a better solution ???

I assume that there is a way to use datamodules in the MDI-environment so that all
opened forms visual datacomponents have their own database-record-pointers and there
is only one connection through TDataBase-component to the DB.

Hopefully waiting discussion on the subject!!! :)

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