ANNOUNCEMENT: dbOvernet - Multi-tier, thin client technology for Delphi

Meet the future head-on with dbOvernet - multi-tier, thin client solutions
for Delphi: New markets, new opportunities and new
profitability for developers!

Dalco Technologies is very pleased to announce the release on June 10, 1998
of dbOvernet (tm), a full-featured, multi-tier solution for Delphi 3.0 and

dbOvernet is the first cost-realistic middleware tool set for Delphi
employing RAD design through drop and go component technology.

With dbOvernet you can quickly develop full-scale multi-tier applications to
run over LAN, WAN, intranets and in real-time over the Internet.

6 powerful visual components give you the full complement of client,
middleware and server functions:

- SQL mode to quickly develop full data retrieval applications with as
little as 2 lines of code.
- Advanced functions for complete control over client- and server-side
requests and data flow, enabling load balancing, data warehousing, user
authentication, message pushing, and more
- Cached updates, synchronous/asynchronous switching, briefcasing - all are
quick and simple with dbOvernet.
- No special classes - no COM, DCOM, ActiveX or Java.

All of this and a whole new world of opportunity and profitability through
intranet and Internet development awaits. Visit our web site for all the

Download any or all of the dozen application examples. Set up your own
client- and server-side applications.
Get a feel for the future of computing with dbOvernet.

dbOvernet will be shipping June 10, 1998.

Fred R. Dalgleish, C.A., MBA
Dalco Technologies

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