2 copies of Pdoxusrs.Net Error Message !!!!

Hello Delphi Savior,

I got 2 copies of Pdoxusrs.Net while running my Delphi Application.
It should only be ONE!

One of them is found in C:\ and the other is in my predefined
Directory (C:\Prospect\Data).

This is what I do
   Erase ALL Pdoxusrs.Net from my computer.
   Run my Application
   Check for existence of Pdoxusrs.Net (2 copies)

These two copies cannot be erased from the hard-disk while my
application is running.
One I quit my application, they can be deleted.

I also got the message from ReportSmith Runtime that the Directory
C:\Prospect\Data is Lock.

I am very desperate as I need to implement it next week ... 3 days

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