OLE-Automation, get client/server-handle from Solid Edge

I am working in Delphi 2.0 creating an OLE-automation programm with
Solid Edge 2.0.. Normally Delphi is the client and SE is the server,
but now I would like to see Delphi is the Server and SE is the
In VB it works fine.. SE throws a handle in the air when executing the
programm, which causes VB to initialize a specific function (in a

In VB the function looks like: Private Command_Initialize(basicCmd as

-> help from VB about initialize

Occurs when an application creates an instance of a Form, MDIForm, or

>>>> Syntax: Private Sub object_Initialize( )  <<<<<

The object placeholder represents an object expression that evaluates
to an object in the Applies To list.

You trigger the Initialize event when you:

Use the CreateObject function to create an instance of a class.  For
        Set X = CreateObject("Project1.MyClass")

Refer to a property or event of an automatically created instance of a
form or class in your code.  For example:
        MyForm.Caption = "Example"

Use this event to initialize any data used by the instance of the
Form, MDIForm, or class.  For a Form or MDIForm, the Initialize event
occurs before the Load event.

How do I realize this in Delphi..


Richard Hennink (rich...@dla.nl)