HELP: Problems with TOutline and Drag & Drop


I am having some big problems using Drag and Drop with Delphi's 1.02's
TOutline component.

Are there some severe bugs in the MoveTo method of TOutline? In the
OnDragDrop event handler for the outline I use MoveTo to move the dragged
node from its source to destination. This seems to work fine when moving
a source node to a dest node on the same level. However, when I try and
drag and drop a child node down the outline to, say, one level higher, I
always get a "list index out of bounds error".

I saw a piece of code somewhere that said you should prevent the outline
OnClick handler from being invoked when the drop occurs (and I do this
using a state variable), but it did not solve the list index problem. Are
there any bug fixes to the outline component that I should be aware of?

Please provide some suggestions. I am at wit's end here.

Thanx for your help,

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