User interface design in developing SQL Server application

Sammy Leung wrote in message <>...

>I've developed desktop DB application for serveral years. But it is
>for me to develop SQL Server application.
>I was told it is not a better user interface to browse records before
>user doing any typical operation (e.g add or edit record...)

1. All data must cross a network which, in a busy system, can quickly
become a bottleneck.
2. All clients are talking to a common server process. Asking for
large amounts of data from that database server slows down its ability
to service other clients - who are also asking for equally large
amounts of data.

If you have a table with even just hundreds of records, never mind
thousands, there is no good reason why a user needs to "browse"
through all of them. The user should have some reasonable idea of
which records s/he needs to actually see and can enter some
information to allow you to find that one record or at least a very
small set of matching records to choose from.

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