Programmers Wanted for new Music/Module Player

I'm planning on programming a new module tracker, better than all the
rest. I haven't started on it just yet but I've got some stuff already
figured out: It's gonna be a Secuencer-like music maker (horizontal),
but without losing the nice Pattern stuff well know from other trackers.
It must have at least 16 channels and must support 16 bits 44kHz
samples. And last-but-not-least it must be 100% FREEWARE ('cause I HATE
SHAREWARE, no offence to shareware-programmers BTW).

I've created some small utility programs before, but never anything so
big. I know quite a bit of pascal but I DON'T know a single thing of
Soundcard programming and (a thing that will certainly be needed)
Assembler. Presuming that I WILL find out how to get the soundcard going
, I'll still won't get the program ready until 2047 or something like
that (and even than It'll be sloooow, 'cause everything is 100% pascal).

So there is only 1 solution: I need more programmers who will help me to
program (parts of) the program. Remember two things: everything goes via
Internet and the final product WILL be FREEWARE, if you can live with
this than please join me to create the best PC MUSIC MAKER ever Made !!!

Dirk Manders

(please note that I'm only on the NET once or twice a week)