How Do you Add Fields or Chang Field Types To Parados Table

{PARADOX Tables Level 7, Delphi 3 Professional, BDE 4.52}

I need to add fields or change field types.
I have succeded in doing this through DbiDoRestructure.
But I do not get the correct field types.

I have to update customers databases to support new database structures.
I have created an upgrade system where I write out the new field information
in a structure where the Field type is the value of FieldDef.DataType.
It worked well with a string field i.e. ftString. It's value is 1 so I
assume it coincided with the Paradox field type ALPHA with no problems I
tried to add a field of type ftBoolean, a value of 5, but it came out as
Paradox field type SHORT.

My Problem is with setting the field types how does

        FLDDesc.iFldType compare to TFieldType
ftBoolean = X where X is FLDDesc.iFldType


type TFieldType = (ftUnknown, ftString, ftSmallint, ftInteger, ftWord,
 ftBoolean, ftFloat, ftCurrency, ftBCD, ftDate, ftTime, ftDateTime,
 ftBytes, ftVarBytes, ftAutoInc, ftBlob, ftMemo, ftGraphic, ftFmtMemo,
 ftParadoxOle, ftDBaseOle, ftTypedBinary, ftCursor);

Paradox Field types
Symbol Size Type
1  Alpha         A
2  Number        N
3  Money         $
4  Short         S
5  Long Integer  I
6  BCD           #
7  Date          D
8  Time          T
9  Timestamp     @
10 Memo          M
11 Format Memo   F
12 Graphic       G
13 OLE           O
14 Logical       L
15 Autoincrement +
16 Binary        B