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DB Lookup Combo Box problems in D2.01

I am using Delphi 2.01 and BDE 3.5 to connect to an Oracle
database running on a remote machine.  I am using TQuery components to
retrieve data from the remote database into DBEdit, DBMemo, and
TDBLookupComboBox components.  The edits and memory work fine, but there
seems to be a problem with the lookup ombo boxes.  The values displayed
in the combo boxes do not match the data in the database.  Basically
each entry is increased by one.  For instance, one of my combo boxes
displays state abbreviations.  When the database contains 'CO' for
Colorado, Delphi display's 'CT' for Connecticut in the lookup combo
box.  All other components seem to display the correct data.
Incidentally, 'CT' is right after 'CO' in the alphabet and therefor in
the database due to my index.  This behavior is exhibited in all db
lookup combo boxes.  Any suggestions?  Hints?  Help?

The one other thing I notice is that the Style property has been removed
in 2.01(maybe even 2.0).  An older program I wrote with Delphi 1.0
allowed me to set the Style such as csDropDown, etc.  Where did this go?

Thanks for your time.

K. Wade Turner


Re:DB Lookup Combo Box problems in D2.01

I see the same problem, but it appears the combo box is placing the row
pointer on the record after the one satisfied by the lookup.  It becomes
clear when you use a multi row list box or ctrlgrid control.  The
current row in the database appears as the middle entry in the control.
I am trying to remove this "feature" from my app. now.  If anyone has an
answer, I would be most appreciative.

        Todd Lamkin

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