Delphi MDI Problem

In <4dsjvf$> (Mark Vaughn) writes:


>Hello All,

>My problem is as follows:

>I have created a MDI application, but if I put a button on
>the main parent form it shows through the rest of the MDI
>child forms, That sucks !, How can I fix that ?  Also if I place
>an  image control on the parent form, when the application
>starts up It will not display the picture ?

>I think these problems are due to the way Delphi works with
>MDI applications, but are there any fixes ? I need to use the
>parent form as a desktop with images and controls.

>Thanks to anyone who can help,

>Mark Vaughn

I do this all day and don't experience that problem.  It definitely is
not a Delphi problem.  I would have to conclude that it is a
programmer's problem or your screen is too intense.