NSAPI You think I need help!

Just like everyone else I was mislead into thinking that Delphi 3.0
professional contained all the objects necessary to create NSAPI apps.

For the last week I've been trying to get an NSAPI dll up and running using
the standard NSAPI declarations now downloadable from Borlands Web Site.

I've been able to get a simple application working, ie. sending a bit of
HTML to the browser but I need more power!!

The actual application that I want to implement spawns a thread for each
client request.  But I just can't seem to do it.  As soon as I try and use
the PPBlock, PSession and PRequest (as pointers) passed to my thread, an
error occurs.

Is it because these pointers are not thread-safe?

Thinking that my function was terminating before the thread had time to
finish, I tried to wait for it....it waited... and waited ......yawn.

Basically it died again.

Does anyone have an example of an NSAPI delphi app without using any
components?  (a service function)

Please, please help.  I've got to have this application finished by

Information on this kind of thing is pretty hard to find.

Best regards