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TADOConnection CommandTimeout

Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm new to Mdac and the Delphi 5 Ent.
ADO DB components.

I'm using a set of TADOConnection and TADOQuery components
for batch updating of a MS SQLServer 7 database.

I've set the TADOConnection.CommandTimeout property to 10000.

When executing SQL UPDATE and SQL DELETE statements
involving a large number of rows (100000), I get an 'Timeout' error
after approx. 30 seconds. If I restrict the rows to be updated to a
number that will execute in below 30 seconds, the query executes
just fine.

Is there other settings that could cause a Timeout?

Ole Willy Tuv


Re:TADOConnection CommandTimeout

Set :
TADODataSet(ADOQuery1).CommandTimeOut := 10000;

Vassil Nazarov

Re:TADOConnection CommandTimeout


> Set :
> TADODataSet(ADOQuery1).CommandTimeOut := 10000;

Yes, thanks.


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