"Funny" bug TToolButton dropdown/menuitem (properties)

Normall if you assign those propertires and the button is pushed menu
But.. If you have a Toolbar on e.g. a ControlBar (and dragging docking etc.
is set to automatic on both) following can happen:

If the user after clicking (and releasing) the button (notice the button
will remain pushed down while it shows the menu) decides to move the mouse
first :
* down in menu items and -
* then afterwards up in menu items (e.g. to first item / top of menu) -
* then try move the mouse to one of the sides out of menu (e.g. to the
controlbar covering the sides of the toolbar).

It "qualifies" (for Delphi/VCL) as un-docking the toolbar and dragging
around with toolbar (which is sorta weird can could confuse users).

I haven't been able to find  a good work-around. I will try tomorrow when I
am a bit more awake (I noticed this bug many times before though, just not
cared to complain <g> :). Can anyone confirm this behavior - any good
solutions (or how to best ignore it :)? I am using D6 SP2.