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dBase 7, MS Access 2000, and the BDE

Here's the drill --

Church has Membership Plus from Parsons. Uses .dbf files. I need to open them in Access to do some advanced reporting. Can't open them.

Support lady at Parsons says they are dBase 7 files, and I need the latest version of the BDE to open them. I checked the version; I have 5.0. Downloaded the MSI merge file to update to latest 5.2; won't go -- says I have to have Delphi.

I am about ready to dump BDE and MemPlus and write my own app. :(  Any ideas on opening these files in Access?


Bruce Maples


Re:dBase 7, MS Access 2000, and the BDE

You either need the BDE, which only comes with Borland development tools, or
you need a third party dBase engine with an ODBC driver.

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