Access Violation when trying to debug events

Hi group,

Using Delphi C/S 3 with Maintenance Release 2 on NT 4.0  SP5

Trying to debug an event, I put a breakpoint in the event and the the
de{*word*81} stopped there,
but when I tried to step through the following message appeared:

 Access Violation at address 004D8875 in module 'delphi32.exe'. Read of
address 00000000.

After this it happened whenever I tried to step through any event - although
Run (F9) always worked.
Project-> build all  didn't fix the problem.
The only fix I could find was to reinstall Delphi plus all components.
Debugging then worked OK for a while - about 3 times - then the problem
reappeared. The event in question was raising an exception (which is why I
was debugging it!) about not finding a field in a dataset but I don't see
why that should corrupt the de{*word*81}.

This has happened periodically over the last year and since the only fix I
have found  is a complete reinstall it is very annoying!!

Any comments from the gurus?


  Craig Kinsman
  Control Innovation