Problem with IbDatabase. Run Time 216 error

I am completely new to Interbase express.  In the past, I used the BDE and
the standard Delphi 5 data access components without any problems.  Here is
my problem.  I am writing a very simple dll for application login purposes.
On the data module, if I use the BDE and the standard Delphi table component
and Paradox table, I am able to log into the application without any
problems.  The login form has 2 edit boxes.  The user enters the login and
password and I use "Findkey" to find the record on Paradox table.  OK, No
problem so far.

 I would really like to use Interbase Express throughout the entire
application including the login module.  If I just simply create the
Interbase table with the same data structure, drop the Delphi IbDatabase
Component and set the DatabaseName property to the appropriate path and set
connected to true, compile my dll and run the application, I will still log
into the applcation fine but when I exit from the application I get a
Runtime error 216 at 00068C75.  I remove the component, the app works fine.
I don't know if it's a Delphi, Interbase, or operating system error.

At first I thought it was an OS error but If I create a new application in
Delphi and drop the IbDatabase component, IbTable components, Datasource, db
grid, dbnavigator, and an IbTransaction to the main form, set the IbDatabase
name to the appropriate Interbase path, set the table component to the
Interbase table containing the login information, set the datasource to the
IbTable, set the dbgrid to the DataSource1, set Table Active Property to
True, set IbDatabase Connect to True and run the application it works fine.
No errors upon closing. This leads me to believe the problem lies with the
IbDatabase Component on the datamodule within my dll.  Has anyone else run
into this problem?  It sounds like its a simple solution, but I have been
tinkering with this for over a day now with no luck.

 I am running Windows 2000 with SP1, Delphi 5, and Interbase 5.6.  Any help
would be appreciated.