Report Smith: Cannot connect to paradox


i have a problem calling the Report Smith(2.5) from a Delphi 1.0
application (BDE version 2.52). I want to run a report, which is identified by its name and the
database connection (IDAPI Paradox driver) in RS. Running the RS and then opening the report
manually works fine, but running the report from the application causes an error "Cannot
connect to Paradox" in the RS. The panel for the connection selection
occurs, but non of the IDAPI driver is present (no paradox(IDAPI), no
DBase(IDAPI), no iblocal(IDAPI)). What causes the error?! The error does not
occur in every computer/win3.11 installation, but i cannot define why. Even
on a fresh windows installation the report works only sometimes! Sometimes
means: If it run once it will run everytime, if it doesnot work for the
first time it will never run.

Interchanging the rptXXX.ini files did not make any effect.

By the way: The ODBC Paradox driver I tried to use to circumvent the problem
does not work either.

Any help is appreciated!! Please email!!

Thanks in advance.

Christian Bartling