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'Create Table' and Paradox Version

When using the SQL DDL statement CREATE TABLE, how can I specify the
version of Paradox? By specifying the table name with a .db extension,
it seems to create the file ok, but when I was following an example
from a book I have, I would get an error message saying "Higher table
level required... Invalid index type" when I tried to use the DESC
command (ASC works):

 CREATE DESC INDEX testindex ON test (Field3, Field4)

Do this mean it's creating an older version Paradox  file?

Also, when using Database Desktop and creating a new table, I will
specify Paradox 7, but when I open the file with 'Table, Info
Structure' it says it's a Paradox 5.0 for Windows table. I have Delphi
3 Standard w/BDE 4.00. Should I install the BDE 5.1.1 update?

I want to be able to set everything up so I can distribute the
application and know that everything's going to work as I intended on
another system. I'm just not sure what Paradox version Create Table is


Re:'Create Table' and Paradox Version

On Thu, 06 Apr 2000 22:55:01 GMT, (Steve

Koterski) wrote:
>But there is no means through which to specify a *minimum* table
>level. You can only do this by including table features that force the
>higher table level. (Or create the lower level and then modify it
>after the fact to change it to a higher table level.) In your case,
>the initial SQL use to create the table only necessitated a level 5
>table. But (IIRC) descending secondary indexes were introduced in
>Paradox 7 (corresponding to level 7 tables).

>What is your BDE parameter LEVEL set to? What is the SQL used to
>create the table?

Ok, in the BDE Administrator, the Paradox 'Level' is 4.

This is what I used to create the table:

Create Table 'test.db'
Field1 CHAR (20),
Field2 CHAR (20),
Field3 CHAR (20),
Field4 CHAR (20),
Primary Key (Field1, Field2)

So I should set the Level to 7 in the BDE Admin? But how would I be
able to force the creation of a Paradox 7 (or 5) if the feature
required is based on indexing (not altering the table) like in this
situation (Create Index), after the table has already been created?

If this is installed through InstallShield, would I be able to set
this up so that any .db files my app created on another system would
be the same as on mine? Currently I'm not using any aliases with the
app, I just set the DatabaseName property of tables/queries to the
local path of the files. Is the 'level' setting something that can be
specified in an alias, (or as an 'optional parameter' to the alias in

Thanks for anything you can tell me.

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