Problem connecting to MS SQL Server 6.5 using the BDE/ODBC

Dear all,

I have a peculiar problem that is driving me nuts. I installed BDE 5.01 on a
client workstation and uses an standard Microsoft ODBC DSN to connect to a
Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 SP5a Database.  The version of ODBC is 3.51 and the
SQL Server ODBC Driver is version 3.60.

Using the ODBC Administrator or using Microsoft Query of Access, I am able
to connect to the database without any problems. I also am successful in
using the DSN on a Visual Basic application.

However, if a use my Delphi application or even the BDE Administrator to
connect to the server it fails with this error message:
"General SQL Error"
"[Microsoft][ODBC DLL] does not support this function"
"BDE Error 13059 [$33][$3]"

Unfortunately, this does not happen on all client workstations. I compared
all the BDE Dlls, the SQL Server Client Libraries, ODBC Drivers etc. between
a working client and a non-working client and cannot find anything that is

Any help and assistance is highly appreciated.

Thank you.
Ronald S. San Jose