Toronto (Canada) Delphi Users Group Meeting June 13th

The 13th meeting of the Toronto Delphi Users group will take place June  13, 1996 at 6:00 pm sharp in the evening. We will be
meeting at:

Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library
beaton-West Room
789 Yonge St.

(on Yonge one block North of Bloor.)

Expected duration of the meeting is 2 hours. We meet on the SECOND  thursday of each month. The annual dues for the Users
Group is $50.00. We like all prospective members to attend a meeting before joining to make sure it is what they are looking



Delphi and Streams  ---- Michael Lenaghan

Michael will be talking  on:  reading and writing objects using streams. The approach used will make it possible to use the
same code to read/write to a file or to
the clipboard and make it possible to support newer versions of these objects; for instance, your version 2 application will
still be able to read/write version 1 files.

Michael Lenaghan is the President of Frogware Inc. and a partner in Sabako Inc. Frogware  a software development company
specializing in vertical market products using Delphi and Pardox for Windows. MIchael has been a speaker at various
confrences including BDC and his articles have appeared in the Informant .

A short Break

Client/Server - Robert Schieck

We will continue with our client/server series. We will review the versioning engine of InterBase, locking on servers and the
locking mechanism between Delphi and a server. We will then take a look at triggers and stored procedures.

Robert is the President of MER Systems and a Partner in Sabako Inc. He is a CNE, Borland Certified  Delphi Instructor, Oracle
Business Alliance Partner and a member of TeamB for Borland on Compuserve. He specializes in client/server development and
training using Delphi, Oracle and InterBase.  Currently he is developing a system for the Washington DC Government that uses
Oracle and Delphi. Some of the clients for this system will be connecting via a 28.8 modem which has made the development
more interesting.


Last Meeting

Using a TOutline Component with a Database  ---- Chris Smith

How to display data from a Relational Database in a efficient, generic and graphical manner via a TOutline component (
Version 1 of  Delphi ) and either a TQuery or TTable component ( no TDataSource component required ).  Length: about 20

Client/Server  - Robert Schieck

This is the kick off to our client/server series. We went through what client/server is, how the pieces fit together, locking
mechanisms of various server, the versioning engine in InterBase, memory usage in server and some of the common sense things
that get overlooked in developing client/server systems.


There is a web page for the TDUG it is located at

it and the rest of the site is still under construction.


I would like to thanks Vision Computer Associates, (416)-363-0406 for providing us with the
video projection equipment. Vision Computer Associates is a Borland Authorized Training
Centre providing public and private Delphi and Paradox training.


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Robert Schieck
MER Systems Inc.

Client/Server Development and Training using Delphi,  InterBase and Oracle

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udflib page
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