Delphi 5 Fixes are a source of dismay

Hello there:

I am a part of team developing a medium sized Delphi 4.x, MTS 2.0, DCOM,
SQL Server 7.0 application. We are in testing phase and are supposed to
go into production in January 2000. We don't have any plans to switch
to Delphi 5.0 for now. I was looking at Inprise Website in the known
fixes for Delphi 5.0 I found 2 fixes for Delphi 4.0 that concern me.

Fix 1:
Compiler doesn't handle multiple interface temporaries correctly when
calling safecall functions. Result: Interface pointers are overwritten
without releasing their references, leading to massive heap leaks.
Severity : Severe

They didn't give me any example for this so I am assuming they are
talking about code like

oRS : IDispatch
iRC : Integer;

iRC := (oRS as RecordSet).RecordCount;

We are using multiple interface temporaries all over our application.
Delphi defines the severity of this error as Severe and Type as Crash.

Is there anyone out their who is doing what we are doing. If this is the
case then what actions are you taking to fix this. I can't risk going to
Delphi 5 so late in the development cycle, it might fix some errors and
break something else. It will also be a lot of work to convert out 3rd
party components to Delphi 5.

Fix 2:
Memory leak when using TConnectionPoint in AxCtrls.pas
Severity : Serious

We are also using Connection Points in our application.

Is there anyone else who has experienced this memory leak.

Does anyone have any suggestions.



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