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Bitmaps and Large Bitmaps

I am trying to create a very large bitmap (approx 6000X6000) and am
having no luck.  a 6000X6000 bitmap with 3 bytes per pixel takes approx
108 meg of memory.  Is there anyway that I can create this bitmap?? like
in a virtual file or something?

 Any help appreciated

 Mark Zwicker.


Re:Bitmaps and Large Bitmaps

The main problem is : what to do with such an image you will not be able to
see on your monitor ?

Re:Bitmaps and Large Bitmaps

Print it to a printer or keep in memory to display a section at a time.

printer.width=4000 printer.height=4000


 bitmap.Width=10000 bitmap.height=10000 but want to display 800x600 section of

 Mark Zwicker

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