Screen partially obscurred with std and pro versions

I have a 450Mhz. system, all the bells and whistles, with stb nvidia zxv 8mb
agp card. I appear to have the latest driver. Does anybody know why large
parts of my screen are not painted properly unless I set hardware
acceleration to zero? This is in the IDE, without a line of code being
written, not in my developed programs. It gets very weird. For example:
-- help screens only partially vanish when exited
-- after running a simple empty screen, say, the design time screen comes
back with horizontal slices taken out of it
-- the list box for import ActiveX components keeps blanking out as one
-- the various settings screens for the compiler, editor etc. overlay each
other on the screen

and so on.... Delphi is unusable in that state, and screen operations are so
slow with accel = 0. Any ideas?

please reply to