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InstallShield Express; failure in tApplication.CreateForm

  I have a D5/Paradox tables/BDE 5.01 application that works fine on its
home machine.  Using the InstallShield Express bundled with D5Pro, I
have put the app onto diskettes and tried to install it on another
machine.  Part of the MyApp.dpr file looks like

      MainForm  in 'Mainform.pas' {fmMain},
      MasterDM in 'MasterDM.pas'  {dmMaster: tDataModule},
      Dialogs      { added to the uses list by me};

      {$R *.RES}

ShowMessage('Message1')   {added by me for debugging};
          Application.CreateForm(tdmMaster, dmMaster);

and tdmMaster.DataModuleCreate begins with


  On the non-development machine, InstallShield Express doesn't
complain.  When I try to run MyApp, MyApp sends out Message1, but I
never see Message2, let alone Message3.  Instead,  the next thing I see
is a fatal Invalid Page Fault box, reporting a problem in Kernel32.DLL.

  I'm sure that the problem is not in KERNEL32 (FWIW, the versions of
KERNEL32 on the two machines are the same).  I assume that some
non-initialized stuff is causing a wild transfer, and (because I've
never had this problem before and never tried to use Installshield with
the BDE before) that it's somehow tied up with installing the BDE.  Does
my tale suggest a pattern with which others are familiar?


Re:InstallShield Express; failure in tApplication.CreateForm

Re:InstallShield Express; failure in tApplication.CreateForm

This will follow up my earlier message.

  Discussion in the   newsgroup reveals that
the InstallShield company ADMITS that InstallShield Express doesn't work
with D5/BDE.  Moreover, they seem disinclined to assert that the problem has
any priority, let alone to project when a functioning ISX for D5 will be

  It will be a PITA, but I imagine that I can install the BDE from my Delphi
CD onto (local) users' machines.  Have others had experience with this?  Are
there hidden gotchas to beware?

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