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bdeadmin.exe - Timeslips 9.1/Corel WordPerfect 8

A Windows 98 system running Timeslips 9.1 (SR1) and Corel WordPerfect 8 both
sharing BDE version (the BDE version installed with the Timeslips
9.1 program) cannot access the bdeadmin application, only bdecfg.exe in
order to set "local share" to "true" and "maxfilehandles" to 120.  Timeslips
needs these parameters to run and the TS Tech Support cannot give me any
more ideas as to why the system hangs when trying to execute same.  Please
give me some insight, if you can, or at least tell me where to address this
issue.  Thank you.

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Re:bdeadmin.exe - Timeslips 9.1/Corel WordPerfect 8

Make sure the color depth for your display is set to at least 256 colors.

Bill Todd (TeamB)
(Questions received via email cannot be answered.)

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