// Creating MS-Access database/tables w/o BDE

Hi Mike

Use TMetaDeta from Diamond components

here is a pasage from there web site

TMetadata allows to create Access databases from your program and even at
the design time. Its main goal is to store a database structure, which could
be loaded from the existing database at the design time. It can also
restructure the exiting database without any loss of information from the
tables. TMetadata is ideal to use with BDE replacement tools, such as
Diamond Access and others, that use DAO3.x.

This is what you need !
I Love it!
Load your db and then ir execute it on the first run of the app, magic

Walter Verhoeven
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Milind Phadke <qual...@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in> wrote in message


> Hello !

> My DBISAM App needs to send data to another existing system in access
> format.
> I would like to add feature to dynamically create the access MDb and
> tables as reqd. This seems to be more elegant solution than packing a
> blank MDB along with the app.

> The target PCs will have DAO 3.5 installed on it.

> I am able to use an existing access database but unable to create a new
> one.

> Any help is most appreciated.


> Milind Phadke
> qual...@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in