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blank parameter to Sybase query (error)

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A current aplication written in delphi is being converted to a Sybase
using ODBC, when an edit field has no data and is being used as a
to an insert query an error occurs '..percision of char field can not be

As you can understand I do not like the thought of changing all the
statements to insert a null if the edit is blank, has anyone got a
better solution
to this problem or has someone else come across this situation.

Any help at all would be appreciated

Thank You

Adam Sorati


Re:blank parameter to Sybase query (error)

Have you considered modifiying the table definition on the server to allow
default spaces in the problem column?

Adam Sorati <> wrote in article

> Delphi  1

 '..percision of char field can not be
> zero'.

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