Transfer data between Access databases

I need to transfer some data between two identical tables in different
Access databases. I use an SQL query in a TADOCommand to select the data and
update the target table. However I cannot figure out how to correctly
reference the target table.
The process works if I specfiy the taget in the SQL as a hard coded database

SourceTbl is in an Access database connected by ADOConnection1

TargTbl is in an Access database connected by ADOConnection2

INSERT INTO Targdb.TargTbl
FROM SourceTbl
WHERE (((SourceTbl.Region)="BRS"));

The connection points to the database containing the SourceTbl

Targdb is the target access database.

This works if Targdb is on the path.

I wish to know if Targdb can be referrred to in an ADOCommand SQL query by
its ADO connection.

Or is there a better way (similar to Tbatchmove)


Mike Best Programming