BPW7 Auto close-down of App?

This is the third time I've asked this question. Hopefully, now we have our
own group, people who know the answer to this might actually get to read
it without losing it in the flood of Delphi posts in comp.lang.pascal.


I've made myself a DDE server that I want to close down automatically when it
knows it is no longer needed (ie, no more conversations). I've written all the
code to knowing it is no longerneeded, the problem is the actual closing down.

I've tried using PostQuitMessage, but it doesn't close down the App properly.
I don't think it calls any of the Done methods, which means it isn't
unloading DLLs or freeing and memory which is BAD!!!

I think the problem lies in that the PostQuitMessage is called way down in
the tree structure of Objects.

Can anyone help me please? How do I get my DDE server to close down on its own?

Justin Skists (c2...@dmu.ac.uk)