DXF, IGES and Animation in Windows


I'm working on a simulation tool using Delphi targeting Windows 3.1 (shall
finally be Windows 95). The simulation uses 2D CAD designs for the visualisation
and there exactly my problems starts. I need to support the following input
formats: AutoCAD DXF and IGES. Are there any libraries or so available to handle
these formats?

Then I need a 2D grphics library to work with these objects, animate them (my
employee wants it in real-time) still being the the windows environment. Any
hints on this. How to I produce fast and smooth animation under Windows?

Some people suggested me using WinG for double-buffering, why do I need WinG?
Isn't it possible to create double-buffers with the normal Win DCs?

Any help is appreciated ...



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