Accessing a Calculated Field from SQL - Novice Question

     Here's a description of my problem:
     I am using the Advantage DataBase components with a set *.dbf format
files and *.CDX index files.  From I what I understand is has decent
compliance w/ SQL-89 maybe not all the functionality of reuqired by the
SQL-92 standard.
     I'm adding calculated fields to several other datasets with OnCalc
Events.  I am then structuring an SQL query to 'SELECT' these fields when
the user requires them.  I get an error implying that the fields have not
been found.
    My guess is that my SQL statements are not recognizing the fields
because they are not an integral part of the dataset.  I don't have the run
time to create separate tables everytime I want to access these calculated
fields and am not familiar enough with SQL to re-construct the calculations
for the requisite fields.  Is there any easy way to do this, I was thinking
in terms of defining params prior to my statement execution or perhaps
running the OnCalc Event earlier than the SQL Queries access.

     Second, is there a SQL Statement that will let me access the current
date for calculations of Interest to Date, etc.

    Anyhelp at all will be deeply appreciated.

Robert Griffin

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