Problems in using Delphi 1.0 with an access 2.0 database


I have a big problem in using Delphi 1.0 with Access 2.0.

I want to delete an access record with delphi ( Table.delete) and I have
big trouble !!!
Message : "Error Microft ODBC driver : Query is too complex".
There's 120 fields in the access table
and the ODBC driver is ODBCJT16.DLL version 2.00.2317 03/03/95.
Does anyboby know if a new ODBC driver exist ?

If i try to use a SQL query (Delete * from table), another delphi error
appears :
"Error in creating cursor handle!"

Please help !!!!!
Or shall I commit suicide ????

Thanks in advance ,

Christophe FAUQUE