Auto Increment Fields and Master Details Relationship


In one of my application I have used autoincrement fields. In a master
detailed setup, I have observed that autoincrement field get filled up
only on a post and not on the creation of record itself. This creates
abnoramlity in a master detailed setup when a new master record is
inserted and not yet posted and some editing has to be done in detail
database. Since there is no value for autoincrement field, the
relationship is broken.

Is there any way this value can be known (for the auto increment field)
before a post.

The other way is to force a post on the master record, but if the user
want to cancel all changes, this again calls for further action.

Any help will be appreciated.

The enviornment is : Delphi 5 Professional, BDE 5

Natwar Lath
Lath Consultants
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