Delphi Loosing Messages when MessageBox up (NetDDE DLL)

I am using Delphi 2.0 on Microsoft NT

I am using PostMessage to send my own messages to the
application and handling he with an OnMessage routine.
If a MessageBox is up then the messages are lost.
I see them using the DDESpy but they are never processed.

I was trying to to Network DDE but ran into problems
( The logon box would come up and unless you stopped
the app with a message box, filled in the logon box, and
waited for the logon to complete before setting the item
value & doing a request the client would not connect to the
server.  Permissions & shares were set correctly because VC & VB
had no problem linking to the DDE Server across a network
(without the logon box).

So I wrote a DLL in VC++ that handles Network DDE.
It send Messages to the Application on DDE Updates
( Msg Params: WParam Pchar to the Itemname,Lparam is Pchar to Data)
Messages also for Disconnects and Server's registration.

I link it into the Delphi program and it works fine.
Except that when a MessageBox (Application.MessageBox) is up -- then
none of the messages are processed, even after the Box comes down.
I can see the messages go by in SpyXX but they are never send to the
OnMessage routine in Delphi.

I need to know what to do to prevent the messages from being lost
(The messages are being sent by Win API calls)

(I had the same thing happen when I tried to use the Win API call of
SendMessage instead of PostMessage -- the messages showed up in the
Spy but they were never processed by Delphi & never got to the
OnMessage Routine.)

Anyone have any Ideas????

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