Office components

It's work with Word so I guess it should be
ExcelApplication.Visible := True;
Generally you will find more info. in OleAutomation newsgroup

The DeerBear <> wrote in message news:39bf8b34_1@dnews...
> Hello !

> I'm writing an application that should interact with Microsoft(c) Excel
> 2000.
> I'm obviously using the Office 2000 components installed by the Update
> 1 of D5.
> I think I succeed in connecting to Excel but the strange thing is that my
> application's main form DOES NOT show.
> And I didn't supply any code to let it behave this way. What happens?
> May any of you please be so kind to let me understand the right steps to
> allow my application being showed and connected to Excel at the same time?

> Thank you for any help you can give me.

> Andrea Raimondi
> ICQ UIN:66008183