Multi page single record report with QR3

        I'm trying to prepare a custom database report accessing only one
record in the report. The report is expected to print out to four or five
A4 pages. Is this possible with QR3 ?
        I've had several tries at this but without success. I do not need a
title band or a summary band. I find that once i have set the page size to
A4 there appears to be no way to create extra pages at design time. I tried
increasing the page length in the Object inspector. That gave me the chance
to layout the report but when I run it then only the first page is printed.
        Using the Navigator bar to access the next page only gives me page
one but for the next record in the table.
        I also note that when I close the report and return to the form
from which I called the report, the table has moved to the last record in
the table irrespective of where I was when the report was called.
I hope all that makes sense ??
I'm using D5 and DBISAM
If QR3 cannot do this are there other report writers that can ?
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