Paradox autoinc fields vs MS SQL identity fields

There seem to be an anoying bug somewhere between Delphi3 and MS SQL

Paradox tables can have an autoincrement field as primary key, and that
fields definition
don't need to include the "Required" property (set to true), while MS
SQL 6.5
tables' identiy fields (similar tp pdx autoinc field), must be set
"Required" (i eg "NOT NULL").
Inserting records in a MS SQL table with Database Explorer gives the
following frustrating problem:
If i don't supply a value for the identiyfield (which should be done by
the server, not me),
then the BDE refuses to post the record because "Field <identiyfield>
must have a value!".
On the other hand, IF a supply a value for the identiyfield, then the
BDE happily posts the record, and instead MS SQL protests, saying
"Trying to explictly insert value for identiyfield".

So my question is, is MS SQL 6.5 Identiyfields usable with Delphi or do
they just
cause more trouble than using Triggers simulating autoinc fields?

Regards, Ola Br?hammar