OCX Project Mystery and Misery

I'm writing a set of Active forms to be displayed in HTML pages. The
code base is getting a little confused, so I thought I'd tidy it up by
copying my ocx projects and all their supporting files to a new
directory tree. You would not think this would cause any problems, but
it did for me. I must be doing something wrong.

I take my existing ocx project and use a "save as" to save it in the
new directory tree. I then work on the new project. Of course, the
project still references files in the old directory structure. I
remove these files from the project then add them back in from their
new locations in the tidied up directory tree. I can then syntax check
and build the projects without error.

Then the fun begins. The web deployment options dialog has the right
settings, but if the project is saved and reloaded, the options are
lost and the web deployment dialog is empty. This happens every time.
Delphi will not retain the options settings. Worse, when I type in the
options and web deploy, the web deployment proceeds but the html
sample file contains no object tag. It simply writes -

<H1> Delphi 4 ActiveX Test Page </H1><p>
You should see your Delphi 4 forms or controls embedded in the form

Manually typing in the object tag does not work either.

Somehow, my copying of the files has fouled up the Delphi environment
for workong with an ocx, but I can't see how to put it right. Delphi
does not signal any errors in the project. It just doesn't want to

Anyone got any ideas?

-- Ken