Problem passing data to Report Smith variables

I have a problem trying to pass a date from my application to a 'Report
Smith' Report Variable to use as a database SELECT/FROM/WHERE filter on a
date field in order to only select those records with that date.

I have tried InitialValues.Add and passing the time in the format 12:34:56
to the Report Variable with Type set to Date hh:mm:ss, but when I run the
application, I the following SQL Execution Error :

       'Invalid use of keyword. Line Number: 1 Token :34:56)'

I have tried setting the Report Variables Type to String and passing the
data as a string, but this doesn't work either.

I am using Delphi 1 and Report Smith 2.5 with Paradox tables

I am pulling out my hair trying to figure this out, and I don't have much
hair to start with, so someone please help!