ActiveX Out-of-process automation server registration failing

Quoc Thang NGUYEN <> wrote in message

> Dear all,

> I have ported a 16-bit Delphi 1.02 app to 32-bit using Delphi 5 . I then
> added Automation features to the Win32 app to make it an out-of-process
> Automation server but the program does not seem to register itself in the
> Registry when it is run. When I write an Automation client using the
> imported type library, instantiation of the server fails with a "Class not
> registered" error. I tried running the program with a /regserver switch,
> again, no registration. The Registry does not have any entry related to
> server. The type library specifies the top-level  automation object as an
> application objec and is not hidden. All interfaces are dual.

> What am I doing wrong?

> Thanks to all.

Never mind. Application.Initialize in the DPR file does the trick.
Thank you to Binh Ly for his COM tutorials.