Excel Workbooks and DDE links in Ole Container (repost)

Has anyone heard of any specific problems with TOLEContainer and Excel
workbooks that has DDE links? I'm getting an access violation in Excel after
executing DoVerb(ovShow) while trying to open up a workbook that has DDE
links in it:

  OleContainer.CreateObjectFromFile(FileName, True);  // File that contains
DDE links

  => Excel: Access violation.

This error shows up only if the workbook has DDE links in it. Workbooks with
no DDE links open up just fine. Also, the same workbook opens just fine in
Excel usually. It's only when embedding Excel inside the Delphi Ole
Container that it does not work. Also, after the error all the fields will
be dead and empty, containing only #REF! in all fields that should have
contained the DDE linked data.

Other than that, I am beginning to think that the Delphi Ole Container is
seriously flawed, and that I cannot really use it to reliably embed Excel
inside an application. Can anyone confirm or deny this?